Siberia - Established expedition

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I invite you to participate in expeditions organized by me from the series' length and breadth of Siberia, whose task is to explore Siberia.

Expeditions from the series' length and breadth of Siberia "is not a service, nor offer the tourist office, but eksploratorskimi expeditions on voluntary participation, chaired by Head of the expedition.

On formal grounds, each expedition begins and ends in Russia, this does not prevent, of course, to go in an orderly manner and return to the country.

Traveling in Siberia leaves unforgettable memories. Before the participants of the expedition crossing the mountains, taiga, steppe, Lake Baikal, Siberian river rafting, meeting with the nomadic tribes, shamans, with a beautiful, unique nature anywhere else - in a word, unchanging, for centuries.

Expedition is intended for people nietuzinkowych, curious, born explorers, whose veins flows the blood instead of water - in fact a series of Siberian trips, this is not one of the many offers of travel agencies, but the truest eksploratorska escapade with all its perils and hardships. We guarantee a sense of unlimited space, freedom, satisfaction of true winner, not a tourist!

Romuald Koperski