Romuald Koperski

Traveler, a guide to Siberia, a pioneer in car journeys to the vast areas of Siberia, pilot flight, writer, journalist, photographer, diver and musician pianist.

Author of books: ( "Duel of Siberia", "Through Siberia stowaways", "1001 Paintings of Siberia", "Siberia cold Odyssey"), photo exhibitions and numerous publications dedicated to Siberia, which repeatedly crossed the entire length and latitude.

Initiator and organizer of three editions of the race car "Transsyberia", including the current 39 days of the longest and hardest race car in the world "Transsyberia - Gigant 2004" Atlantic - Pacific - Atlantic, amounting to 30.000 km.

Dozens of exploratory expeditions:

including Sakha Republic, Khakassia, Altai, Buryatia, Czukotka, Kolyma, Czerski, Mamskie, Sayan, Chaman-Daban, Suntar-Khayata Range,, the polar regions of Siberia.

The first ever successful expedition truck route Zurich - New York. The route of this pioneering expedition led by the endless areas of Siberia and North America,

Octal car journey across Siberia to the longitude - Over 100,000 km!

Lone rubber dinghy rafting longest Siberian Lena River from its sources in the mountains to the Arctic Sea bajkalskich (4.500km)

Pioneering winter car trip along the coast of the Arctic Ocean. The test route directions to the Bering Strait.

Kilkunastokrotny transit through Mongolia on its longitude. Expeditions around Mongolia.

As a musician in November 2004. made the longest piano concerto in the world - and lasts 54 hours and one minute!

Originator and manager of the hardest in the history of automotive winter expedition vehicle, from Cape Roca, Portugal, through Siberia, the far ends of Czukotki.

International Polish-Russian expedition in 2008, an extreme journey from Cape Roca in Portugal, to the ends of Czukotki, first in automotive history spiel western ends of Eurasia, with the eastern. So far, no one got more single vehicle.

Guinness Book world record holder in category: Piano Concerto longest in the world. The concert was held on 27.01.-31.01.2010 in Gdansk and lasted 103 hours and 08 seconds.