"SYBERIA in a Box"

Recommended flight on the route: Warsaw - Moscow - Irkutsk
- 9:00 expedition participants meet in the departure hall at the airport in Warsaw (about 2 hours. Before departure)
- 11:00 flight to Moscow (Warsaw-Moscow, the flight lasts 2 hours), option II by St. St. Petersburg
- 15:00 (time zone) landing at Moscow airport Sheremetyevo II, moved to the airport Sheremetyevo I,
- About 19:00 flight to Irkutsk. On board the aircraft is provided food and drinks,
- Time difference between the Polish and Irkutsk is 7h.

Assumptions Expeditions:
Day 1: Starting Expeditions
- About 6:00 am (local time) arriving in Irkutsk? meeting with the head of the expedition,
- Sometimes the time difference between Polish and Irkutsk is 7h,
- Vehicles participating in the trip, travels about 70 km to lie on the Lake Baikal village Listvyanka,
- Hotel accommodation in Listwiance,
- The day is devoted to the so-called. acclimatization, rest after the journey,
- Afternoon: exploring the shore of Lake Baikal, visiting the village, the old wooden church, the fish market, bazaar souvenir
- Dinner is served in the hotel restaurant,
- The integration of participants in the expedition.

Day 2:
- Breakfast at the hotel,
- After breakfast, three-hour trip to the Mount? "Stone Czerski" (lovely panorama of the lake and flowing from the Angara River). Persons who do not intend to come up on foot, can use the chair lift (ticket price about 6 $).
- On the way back visit to Aquarium and the Museum of Lake Baikal, presenting unique sets of endemic flora and fauna of Lake Baikal,
- We supply a packed lunch and at about noon, a small boat, set sail in a few hours sailing on Lake Baikal, along the northeast shore of the lake. Spectacular views, after all, the lake is surrounded by mountains.
- Stop and visit places Balszoje Cats,
(Balszoje Cats - a fishing village in the past have been exploited a vein of gold here.)
- In the evening, on the lake shore, near m. Listvyanka, pitched camp,
- Fire, catch fish, for adventurous night out in the taiga ...
- First night in the bosom of Siberian nature.

Day 3:
- Breakfast on the lake shore,
- Roll-up camp on foot and moves back to the m Listvyanka where we are waiting for vehicles participating in the expedition,
- Head for the meeting with a real, nieodwiedzaną by tourists Siberian
- The way we stopped in the town of Nikola, at Angary river outflow from Lake Baikal, (Angara is the only river flowing from Lake Baikal, the lake gets up to 440 rivers)!,
- Lying on the road in the village Talcy visit, curiously situated on the river Angara Siberian open-air museum building (the perfect spot for a photo session)
- Pass the Irkutsk and traktem kaczuckim we head north towards the largest Eastern Siberian River - Lena (Lena is 4.500 km long),
- The way we visit "the capital of northern Buryatia" Ust-Orda,
- In the village inhabited by Buryats Bajandan we stop to taste the regional buriat dish - "positive" (a type of dumplings)
- On the road in rural shops procuring the necessary products in the Siberian wilderness,
- Towards the evening we reach the river Lena, where in the shade, "Makarova Rocks" pitched camp
- Bonfire, dinner, who has caught fish bait? Because of the bears set your night guard, fire burns the morning.

We are located in the old, historic, famous for the numerous novels and also the most beautiful part of central Siberia. Tourists in these places do not come, do not meet them in the way of our journey. Before us, wildness, wildlife, deserted old villages and beautiful landscapes.
Day 4:
- Breakfast on the shores of Lena,
- After breakfast, kayaking, dinghy or multi-type "raft" kilkudziesięciokilometrowy start rafting the upper Lena. The river is very safe: not too broad, shallow, calm stream. There are no skills required Kayaking.
- After approximately 2 hours of rafting, we reach the vicinity of the village Szyszkino, with its famous world-wide, numbering thousands min.6. years cave drawings. We leave the shore and close watch is the prehistoric traces of primitive man,
- About 3 hours later we reach the oldest in this part of Siberia - places Wiercholeńsk? settlement older than Irkutsk, founded by the Cossacks, a place of exile of Felix Dzerzhinsky, who fled on foot from here to the Polish?
- Continue rafting, sail among the mountains covered with taiga, pass the red rocks, ostańce, we visited the old, numbering more than 270 years, now uninhabited villages,
- In the evening we reach the camp where the vehicles are waiting longer to accompany the expedition, carrying our equipment.

While trailing the whole time we have contact with the drivers of vehicles expeditionary what the request, creates the possibility of early termination of the run-off.

Day 5:
- Continue the Siberian wilderness rafting,
- Surround around us, mountains, nature, wilderness, old abandoned villages ...
- Camp, campfire, fishing,
- For tireless journey to solitude after a bear ...,
- Sleeping in tents.

Day 6:
- Continue the journey down the river,
- Mountains, nature, wilderness, old abandoned villages ...
- Afternoon swim in the vicinity of the village Zapleskino, where the finish chute!
- Proclamation of the fireplace.

Day 7:
- About 9:00 am - forest paths, moves towards the Polish enclave in Siberia to the village - Wierszyna,
- Evening welcoming dinner, a meeting with his compatriots!
- Accommodation in the huts, the Polish Home, or in tents according to your taste.

Day 8: End Expeditions
- A journey towards Irkutsk? about 130 km,
- Hotel accommodation in Irkutsk (2 person rooms. The bathroom), rest,
- As the hotel is situated practically in the center of Irkutsk, individual city tour: the Catholic Church, Church of the Savior, the Council Bogojawleński, museums, old town, stroll along the boulevard along the river Angary, a local bazaar,
- In the evening-a meeting of all participants? end trips, dinner.

Day 9: Recommended return route: Irkutsk - Moscow - Warsaw
- Morning departure to airport for flight to Moscow,
- The plane lands in Moscow at around. 9:00 am (time change). Connections depend on the flight ticket purchased,
- In connection with the long gap between flights Irkutsk-Moscow and Moscow-Warsaw (about 8 hrs.) Recommend to deposit luggage luggage room, and the Moscow subway, you can move to the center of the capital of Russia,
- The possibility of visiting the main sights of Moscow, among others: the Moscow Metro, Red Square, Gardens aleksandrowski, Manege, GUM, etc.
- About 17:30, returning to the airport,
- 21:00 flight to Warsaw
- 21:00 Warsaw Okecie (time zone).

At the airport in Moscow to attend the 2 hours before departure.
Departure from Irkutsk to Moscow and from Moscow to Warsaw depends on the purchased ticket (Subject to availability of seats on the plane for the trip time).
To deal with 14 thousand. kilometers by air, about one thousand kilometers over land and water.

NOTE: In special cases, for reasons beyond the head of the expedition (such as bad weather, etc.), these assumptions may change expedition.

Expedition to Siberia is not a service, nor offer the tourist office, but an expedition to voluntary participation, chaired by the expedition leader, after hearing and signed statement of voluntary participation in the expedition.

Contributed to the expedition cost includes:
Head-chair of the expedition and help implement the tasks of the expedition,
- The cost of truck transport and equipment, the expedition members during the trip,
- Transport vessels (kayaks, pontoon-type "raft"),
- Basic camp equipment,
- Accommodation and food (2 meals) in hotels,
- Hiring a ship with crew on Lake Baikal,
- Entrance fees: Limnologiczny the Baikal Institute, Talcy open-air museum. Cost:
- Fixed price per person in 1000? price for the flight ticket. The cost of a ticket, depending on the connection from 1500 to 2500 zł zł.
Accommodation during the trip:
- Listwiance hotel (rooms for 2 pers.). The guests: bar, bubble, Sauna, ATM.
- Accommodation in the adventitious (tents, huts).
- Hotel in Irkutsk (2 person rooms.). Catering: on its own (outside dobami a hotel). Lack of infrastructure makes cherish themselves. This is verified, the optimal solution.
Food prices in Russia are close to the prices in Poland.

List of things needed and useful during an expedition to Siberia:

1. Necessary:
- Tent, sleeping bag and Karimata (tent - good class igloo type, thick Karimata or self-pumping the mattress)
- The main luggage: a backpack or bag
- A small backpack when hiking,
- Fleece - preferably with a hood,
- Protective headgear
- Comfortable shoes (sandals also useful)
- Lightweight waterproof jacket
- Sunglasses,
- A knife - such as good quality pocket knife (in the Russian Federation is prohibited from holding a long knife blade type "commando")
- Flashlight
- Toiletries,
- Mosquito net,
- Measure against mosquitoes,
- Must-traveler: canteen, cup, spoon, knife, fork,
- Fishing equipment - fishing for those concerned,
- Medications that are used every day,
- Honored for the exchange of currency for rubles: USD and EUR (undamaged bank notes),
- Exchange of currency for rubles on their own in Polish or Russian,
- The possibility of using ATMs.

2. Useful:
- Facial cream with a filter,

- Protective hand cream (the runoff),
- A comfortable tracksuit,
- Ointment for insect / mosquito,
- A small backpack or bag that, during the run-off does not take along all things.

For the expedition members are allowed to help in the sophistication of Russian visa (tel. +48 501 155 955).